Let us tell you how this Communication Agency came to be. Magali and Brad, our two founders, developed an incredible synergy after collaborating together and working independently for large brands in Australia and France. A natural bond was forged over 15 years of working side by side, perfectly combining the unique skills of each.

By combining Magali's communication and marketing expertise with Brad's unique artistic vision, they're ready to take on any challenge to bring you sensational graphics and communication campaigns. Together, they are creating an agency that combines efficiency, creativity and visual excellence to bring your projects to life like never before.


With 14 years' experience in marketing, communications and brand management for major multinational groups, Magali is fully committed to each project until it succeeds.

A cheerful perfectionist, Magali will be your key contact throughout our collaboration. With her, nothing is left to chance. From marketing campaign management to content creation, she's a real all-rounder who knows how to manage every aspect of your project effectively, while keeping your corporate objectives in sight.


Meet Brad, our Creative Director with over 30 years' experience! An unconditional passionate about design and illustration, he finds inspiration as soon as he has a pencil in his hand and a sheet of paper in front of him. His creativity is matched only by his dedication to every visual project he undertakes. With a unique artistic vision for each brand, Brad is able to bring to life innovative concepts that captivate audiences.

Working with impressive speed and flawless precision, Brad is a true graphic maestro. Each visual element is carefully crafted to reflect the essence of your brand while meeting your business objectives.

Teaming up with Brad ensures that your project benefits from his remarkable expertise and unwavering commitment to visual excellence. You can count on him to interpret your ideas into stunning graphics that will leave a lasting impression.