Doing is Everything campaign

The "Doing Is Everything" artwork symbolises Nespresso's daily commitment to sustainably producing the world's best coffee, while having a positive impact on the planet. The inspiration for these creations comes from the deep Aboriginal respect for the earth and the natural environment, with its renewable resources. They are made from recycled Nespresso coffee capsules and woven using traditional Aboriginal methods.

As project manager, we managed the project from A to Z, budget management, reporting to Nespresso managers, creative management with the artists, content creation management, briefing of agencies (creative and press relations), implementation of a public relations strategy to communicate the message of eco-responsibility to Nespresso clients and prospects.

Taste the Australian Summer campaign

As communication consultants, we managed the 'Taste the Australian Summer' event, a celebration of the Australian summer focused on innovation and the environment. Our campaign aimed to offer consumers a unique experience by allowing them to taste the new Nespresso coffee capsules in a hand-painted 3D swimming pool, recreating the sunny ambiance of Australia.

Our aim was to generate media buzz and reach a wide audience. Thanks to our communication strategy, we succeeded in mobilising local influencers, specialised media and the general public to share this unique experience.

As communication consultants, we handled a range of tasks including strategy recommendation, project management, creativity and branding, as well as PR and social media management.

The result of our efforts was a resounding success with over 5,000 coffee samples distributed at the event, allowing consumers to discover Nespresso's new summer flavours.